Pre-Bayram İzmit Intercity Bus Terminal Renewed

Izmit Intercity Bus Terminal 10 daily Eid Al-Adha holiday due to a sweet rush. Passenger safety and comfort are of great importance at the terminal where there is a great density before the festival. Transportation Park Inc., which is one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan Municipality, took over the İzmit Intercity Bus Terminal. The number of entry doors of the terminal was reduced to two in the frame of security measures and equipped with modern security systems. In addition to the safety considerations, cleaning work was tightened in the internal and external parts of the terminal.


Metropolitan Municipality, before and after the intensity of the citizens, the citizens of the Izmit Intercity Bus Terminal to provide safe transportation of vital applications has been put into practice. At the terminal, the number of doors was reduced to two in order to control the security during the holiday season. These two main doors are suitcase, bags and so on. X-Ray devices were placed for items. The door detectors are positioned next to the X-Ray device. Thus, it is aimed to prevent the entry of hazardous materials such as cutter, driller and gun into the terminal building. In the context of security considerations, vendors trying to sell the symbol of Izmit as a smuggler are prevented and the necessary punitive actions are taken for these people.


Safety measures were taken for the citizens who wanted to enter the campus by using the tram stop, which is right next to the terminal. X-Ray devices and door detector systems were installed to ensure the safety of passengers coming from the tram stop. 36 security personnel work in the terminal monitored by the camera system.


Work is carried out with cleaning tools inside and outside the terminal building. Renovation activities continue to change the terminal sinks in the terminal. Renovated terminal toilets will be opened to citizens before the Feast of Sacrifice. 23 cleaning staff are working in the terminal campus.


Terminal security personnel are also assisted by the security personnel to ensure that the disabled people are physically disabled and that they do not have any transportation difficulties. After the disabled citizen arrives at the terminal, wheelchair service is offered. There are also freight transportation vehicles for passengers to carry their cargo within the terminal campus. These vehicles are used to carry their loads such as suitcases and bags.


Information screens were installed in the main entrance and waiting hall of the terminal building. In the information screens, the 5 new information screen, which guards passengers such as departure and arrival time, platform numbers, was put into service. The main entrance sections of the terminal building were removed by removing the adhesives on the windows and illuminating the interior spaces with natural light. The existing fire detector system of the terminal was renewed as part of the renovation works.

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