Pendik sees the peak in the crowd work outs in the subway

Since the time of Pendik Metro, it has seen the biggest crowd in history. The crowd, which was formerly on the Kartal bridge, has now been moved to the Pendik bridge. In such an equation, the last stop of the subway can be estimated to be more human traffic, but this is not the case. Today, millions of people between Pendik and Maltepe are crossing to work every day or distributed to various places on the Anatolian side. Especially Pendik is cheaper in terms of real estate and because of its good transportation, people prefer to buy a house from here. As it is, the distribution to various places of Istanbul in Pendik is much more. If you are interested in such details, you can look at the property prices in Pendik online. 5 years ago 90 thousand pounds, the 400-500 binnar is now around the thousand of the facilities around the house is increasing the price is one of the biggest factors. In this sense, the steps to be made in this news will be expressed.

After Pendik metro, almost all of the citizens who flock to the IETT station take buses to the Kurtköy road via Ankara Street. After boarding the bus, the number of people descending after the 2 stall is high, but the number of people descending after the 20-30 stall is quite high. Buses that go to separate directions take the 5-10 bus every minute, as well as buses from the same lines usually take the 20-30 bus stop at the Pendik bridge. The number of people waiting at the stall exceeds the faces. There is also a great deal of the effect of the 4-5 metro jumpers running every minute. So, 4-5 20-30 can be said to be a very busy crowd due to the bus line coming every minute. Regarding the issue, the municipality is taking measures and more time to work, but it is not easy to provide the transportation of thousands of people.

In Istanbul, people don't respect each other in public transportation such as metro, metrobus, bus or ferry. Not only did they respect each other, but they looked at each other with hatred and hatred. This is a very bad sight. People who can not get off the wagon at the metro stations, the bus stop at the bus station in the form of the elderly and women forced to take a half hour, flipping through the disrespectful and contemptible people who think of the metrobüse people who are waiting in the stops because of landscapes is a situation that we encounter too much. To eliminate this situation, people need to be put on the line as an alternative to the people coming out of the subway. In other words, if the metro services are 5 in one minute, a bus line service in at least 10 minutes will reduce the crowds in this area and will eliminate the journey made in a way. If the 10 metro expeditions will be a much more agglomeration then it is not known how to find a cure, but no one seems to complain about going in bulk.

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