There Was Once Upon Adapazari Express

AK Party highways in Turkey, was also produced in large projects as well as in railway bridges. I don't underestimate the iy High Speed ​​Train “. YHT is a great boon for Turkey and must be widespread.

However, the YHT system developed for the fast and safe travel between cities is very different with the function of the suburban trains serving all settlements in close distance. They are not alternatives to each other. For someone to be sacrificed, it is not logical to sacrifice the other.

Until the 2014, the suburban train between Adapazarı and Adapazarı (Adapazarı Express) worked. Trains on the runway. He often made mistakes. It was not safe. The punk gangs were murdered in the trains. But he carried one of them every day. Because these trains were in service, road transportation to Istanbul was even cheaper.

One of my readers, 1970, 80'li, 90'li years, 2000'dan 10 annually in the period between Haydarpasa-Arifiye Adapazari train has sent the tariff. See where the commuter train stands after taking off from Istanbul Haydarpasa Train Station:

-HAYDARPASA-Sogutlucesme-Erenkoy-Bostanci-Maltepe-Kartal-Pendik-Icmeler-Tuzla-Gebze-Diliskelesi-Tavsancil-Hereke-Kirazliyali-Korfez-Ceramics-Tütünçiftlik-Derince-Protection-Kuruçeşme-İZMİT-42 Evler-Köseköy-B. Derbent-Maşukiye-Kirkpinar-Sapanca-Uzunkum-Arifiye-Mithatpaşa-ADAPAZARI "

Train stops at Adapazarı from Istanbul. Not all stops stop at all stops. A few of the trains stop by some small settlements. But there are 10-12 expeditions per day. Everybody knows what station the suburban train will arrive to, and what direction to take.

What about now?. The train 5-6 stands on the ground. Haydarpasa was destroyed. The train goes to Pendik.

The suburban train could be improved. New wagons, security guards, cleaning staff. We canceled Haydarpaşa'ye we will do YHT. We made the commuter train inoperable.

YHT works in Pendik-Ankara. This line used to be formerly the Capital Express, the Bosphorus Express, the Anatolian Express, the Ankara Express, the Fatih Express, and the Cumhuriyet Ekspresi.

There was also the Kurtalan Express. There was Pamukkale Express, there was Kars Express.

Moreover, the railway would run on a single track in a very long area in Izmit. Even though there is even a single line in a section on a rail route, it is very difficult to set train timetables.

They told us to do the 4 line on the beach. One would be the Speed ​​Rail way, one of the suburban railways, one of the freight trains. The promises were not kept. He lost the city train.

Take everything away. Are you not willing to give us the train back from more stations than 30 running between Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı?

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