Is the number of trains in Ödemiş increasing?

Lines that allow "waiting and giving the right to pass to each other" called "sayding" will be built at 5 stations on the Ödemiş-Torbalı railway operating on a single line. While it is learned that the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate will be tendered on August 22, this development is considered as the number and frequency of train trips will increase.

After the renovation of the stops and stations on the Ödemiş-İzmir railway line, which was dismantled in the early 2000s, with the works carried out in the following years, 4 times a week, 6 trips each and 3 days a week, now waiting lines to the stations on the Torbalı-Ödemiş line will be established.

TCDD 5. Regional Directorate will hold a tender on 3 August for 22 lines called "Sayding", which allow the trains coming from the opposite direction to pass while allowing them to wait. According to the information obtained, an additional line will be built to wait for the trains to the İlkkurşun, Derebaşı, Gürgür, Karpuzlu and Arıkbaşı stations on the Ödemiş-Torbalı line. The total length of the additional lines in 5 stations will be 2 meters. After the contract is signed after the tender, the work at 600 stations will be completed within 5 calendar days. For trains coming from the opposite direction between Ödemiş and Torbalı, waiting can be made at Çatal and Bayındır stations.

Will the number of vacancy be increased?
This development is due to the fact that the section after Torbalı of the Ödemiş-Çatal-Torbalı-Basmane line, which currently operates 14 flights, 8 of which are to Ödemiş and 22 to Tire, is also located between Ödemiş-Torbalı and Tire-Torbalı. It was evaluated that the number and frequency of transfer trips will be increased, therefore, sayding lines will be made for the passage. All eyes on the work on the Ödemiş-İzmir railway, which is preferred by hundreds of Ödemiş people every day, turned to the steps to be taken by TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate.

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