China's new generation magnetic train is on the market soon

The new generation medium and low speed magnetic train, developed and manufactured by China, has successfully completed the test expedition in Shanghai.

The train is expected to be launched in a year.

Qu Tianwei, the chief engineer of CRRC Dalian, China's largest high speed train manufacturer, said that R & D studies on the new generation magnetic trains started 8 years ago.

With successful tests, Qu stated that it is seen that China's new generation magnetic suspension system has grasped the basic technology.

The magnetic train was tested at a speed of 120 per hour during the test run.

The new generation of mid-low-speed magnetic trains has lower noise levels than traditional rail trains, as well as better climbing and longer service life.

China's first medium-low-speed magnetic rail line went into service in Changsha, Hunan province in the central part of the country in May 2016, so China was the first country to specialize in this technology.

According to a study by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China plans to build more than 2020 medium-low-speed magnetic rail lines by 5.

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