New Generation High Speed ​​Train in China Starts Expedition in September!

The new generation high-speed train, which will start its services in September 2017, will reduce the time of 1.250 km between Beijing and Shanghai to four and a half hours.

Trials of this new type of train with a speed of 400 km per hour began in June, according to the official Xinhua Agency.

The train, which reached a speed of 350 km per hour, was put into operation as of 2008. However, in 2011, their speed was reduced to 250-300 as a result of an accident near Wenzhou. Now, with this new generation, China is getting one of the fastest trains in the world again.

China, which has laid more than 20.000 km of high-speed rail tracks, has set its goal of laying another 2020 km by 10.000.

China, the world's most advanced high-speed train network so far to create the amount spent so far 360 million dollars.




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