Projects to speed train to Mudanya Road and Passage Traffic!

It appears that kap It is necessary to ignore this: Bursa has two doors to Istanbul. One of these gates is the road of the old Yalova Road, which is called Istanbul Caddesi as a road today, carrying the only transportation link burden.
The sea gate was opened with the commencement of sea buses and ferries from Mudanya and Güzelyalı.
That sea gate became a point of connection with Istanbul-Aegean transportation at the same time as ferry transportation and increased the traffic especially during the summer season.
Mudanya Road was therefore rebuilt by removing two lanes from three lanes.
And now ...
Bursa's railway gate is added to Mudanya Road traffic.
In the coming period, two rail transport will start to use one way. In the project for the freight train from the railway connections Balat's back was considered, but it has not been finalized yet.
Even if the planned steps cannot be taken in the targeted period, the high speed train, which will one day end, will be held in the 2012 of the Bursa Railway Station. This has been confirmed.
Bursa Railway Station, 20 October 2016 will be different from the usual stations as we announced from these columns. Because the ground floor, not above the ground and on the viaduct.
This is Bu
Mudanya Road will increase its traffic jammed in summer, holiday days and ferry / sea bus hours. If the freight train station is also built in the same area, truck traffic will enter the road this time.
This is Bu
The already difficult traffic of the Passage will make it even more impassable.
Considering all this, Mayor Recep Altepe mobilized to prepare new relief projects on Mudanya Road, which are compatible with the high-speed train.
From road to junction, from Bursaray route to landscaping, important projects are being carried out on high-speed train alignment projects.
At the destination, you have to complete projects quickly before the train ends.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I



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