MOTAŞ Excited People With Disabilities

The Mal Malatya Geziyor MOT program, which was initiated by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in July and visited historical places carried out by MOTAŞ, continues.

Two tours a day, two tours of the week, supported by the Directorate of Culture and Tourism in the tour program starting from the Malatya Museum Orduzu Cinar Park, Aslantepe Open Air Museum, Forty Brothers Martyrdom, Hasan Basri Tomb, Karahan Mosque, Horasan Baba Tomb, Sidi Zeynep Tomb , Poyrazlar Mansion, Ambitious Baba Tomb, Ulucami, Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravanserai, Battalgazi Walls, Bloody Cupola and Nefise Hatun Cupola are visited.

In addition to the regular itinerary, summer school students, course students and disabled groups organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Coordination Department are also guided along the same route.

People with disabilities who spent a pleasant time during the trip expressed their satisfaction and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality officials.

A disabled citizen participating in the trip expressed his satisfaction from the trip; Meyen Anyone who does not know his past cannot have a future, ”he summarized.

One of the relatives of the patient who participated in the trip, thanked the Mayor of Malatya Ahmet Çakır for his trip; Arasından they didn't forget us from their busy work, they cared about us. My age is 44; There are still places I haven't seen or visited. I would like to thank our President Ahmet Çakır and everyone who contributed to us by providing such an opportunity to face our history and to recognize our past. ”

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) said that a young disabled person in the spring of their lives with their dates, they said they had the opportunity to meet with the authorities thanked the organizers of the travel program.

Nursel Vardı, Vice President of Down Syndrome Association, who evaluated the program in the trip vehicle, stated that the trip had good effects on children and stated the following:
“We are having a nice day with our special children and their families in the 'Malatya Geziyor' program organized by the Metropolitan Municipality. During the trip, we visited the places that tell us, our children and their families, the catering staff were very pleased with us. I think they feel the places they visit visually whether our children understand or not. I hope they understand that the places they visit are very special.

The trip was a big change for us. It is very important for us that our children experience different emotions in this atmosphere. It is a very important event for them to socialize, to take part in human relations, to socialize and to be intertwined with society.

We participated in this program accompanied by the 'Silent Steps Club'. Children of many rehabilitation centers took part in the trip. We had a trip together with our autistic, down syndrome and mental group children, teachers, trainers and their families. In the meantime, we're happy with your refreshments and guidance. As Nursel Vardı, Vice President of Down Syndrome Association, I would like to thank Ahmet Çakır, the Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of our special children, for ordering such a travel program. Our President does not spare his support from us in all matters. He gives support to open every door that comes before us. They make us feel this..

The disabled, who spent time along the way with music and halay, playing games, returned to the city center after a trip of up to three hours.


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