Minister Leo "Turkey is brought into the world's aviation center"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “As we make the airline the way of the people, havayoluyla uçmayan kalmayacak Turkey `fulfill our promise, saying also that we have become the world's aviation hub." said.

Arslan came to Muş for airport terminal building and apron construction groundbreaking ceremony and various visits.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony held at the airport, Arslan said that for 15 years, AK Party governments and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a development campaign under the leadership of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

Stating that Muş also benefited from this development move, Arslan said, “We start many works in many places. We cannot keep up with groundbreaking and openings. In the past, people could not find a job to lay the foundation, they just dumped a truck and called it foundation. On the contrary, we cannot keep up with real groundbreaking. Muş airport will have a very beautiful terminal building. " he spoke.

"Number of airports increased from 26 to 55"

Minister Arslan, 15 years in Turkey, "airline, people will be the way" under the campaign they increase the number of airports with 26 to 55 per year, 35 million passengers from pointed out that they become the 180 million passengers who serve the country.

Emphasizing that they will be the center of air transportation from America to the Far East, from Northern Europe to Africa and they will give the right to this, Arslan continued as follows:

"Airline of the people's way as we did, 'that will not fly with airlines saying that fulfilling our promise to Turkey also brought into the world's aviation hub. As a result of this, we have become the largest airport in the world by going beyond being a country that is not content with medium and large-scale airports, making an airport to the sea. When we are building the largest airport in the world in Istanbul, we know that this will serve the people of our country. It will also enable its citizens to move from one continent to another, regardless of the country in the world, and offer added value to our country's economy. The people of Muş and our people in other provinces will also benefit from this. "

"The value of investments in Muş is 1 billion 584 million TL"

Arslan said that they aim to serve the people of Muş and other people with the added value of these while constructing the mega projects of the world, the Eurasia Tunnel, Osmangazi, Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges in Istanbul, and as a result of this, Muş, where 330 planes fly annually, today has 2 thousand 535 planes. drew attention to the city has become.

Reminding that flights are made from Muş to Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, Arslan underlined that they are not content with the investments made and they are in an effort to serve the people of the city more.

Arslan stated that in addition to the airport and terminal building in Muş, they undertook very important services as a ministry, and gave the following information:

“The value of our investments only as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is 1 billion 584 million TL. We have served Muş a lot on the roads, airports and other areas, but we do not say 'enough'. We believe that our people deserve more and we will increase these investments. I have very close relatives in Muş. I have known Muş people since I was a kid. As the ministry, while serving the 81 provinces of our country, we have additional responsibilities regarding the region. Being aware of this, we are running to see the services today. While there were 2003 kilometers of divided roads in Muş in 16, we added another 112 kilometers on top of it. There is currently 112,5 kilometers of hot asphalt without hot asphalt. The Muş-Bitlis highway was 83 kilometers hot asphalt. We built 114 kilometers of divided road to the Muş-Bingöl road. A 12-kilometer road has been built to make the transportation of our university students more comfortable. "

"We used to beg at the IMF door"

Reminding that they have implemented very important road projects in Muş and that important projects are continuing, Arslan made the following evaluations:

“We are carrying out the studies of the Palu-Genç-Muş Railway project. An investment of 1,9 billion lira. We in the IMF's door begging for money to find 300 million and were used to meet the drum zurnayla their representatives when they come to Turkey. Our ministers and prime ministers stood hand in hand in front of them so that they could lend us 100 million dollars. From those days, we became a country in Muş where 1,9 billion liras were spent for just one project. The reasons behind this are, of course, our Mr. President and our Prime Minister. May Allah be pleased with those who have been their companionship from yesterday to today. You have been standing by our President and his teammates with extraordinary support for 15 years. You stand behind the future of your grandchildren, your children. We will serve you more in this regard. "

"We will eliminate the development gap between the regions"

Stating that they have made significant progress in the field of communication in Muş, they have increased the number of fiber lines and base stations, Arslan said that while there were no broadband internet subscribers in 2002, today there were 197 thousand subscribers.

Ahmet Arslan stated that as the citizens protect their country and future at the expense of being a martyr as on July 15, they will continue to serve as the government, and emphasized that they will fulfill the services one by one, raise the living standards of the people and seek ways to grow the economy and industry of the region.

Reminding that they initiated the Attraction Centers Program in 23 provinces, including Muş, in order to eliminate the development difference between the regions, Arslan said:

“Studies on this subject have reached their final stage. We will explain it in a few days. We will develop the regions, as Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been doing for 15 years, who said, "Backwardness, being abandoned to its fate cannot be the fate of these regions. With this, we will eliminate the development difference between the regions. Muşlu wants to fly to İzmir, we will talk to our companies. If enough passengers come out, it's on your head. Two years ago, there was no plane from here to Bursa. Now expeditions are made. Our duty is to make the terminal, make it suitable, then let the airline companies put in additional aircraft by saying 'come and examine'. "



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