Mevlana Street waiting for the solution

The shopkeepers on the Mevlana Street in Konya stated that they were victims after the construction of the tram and stated that the solution to the parking problem and the U-turn problem in traffic should be produced immediately.

The shopkeepers on the street state that their customers are not able to shop because they cannot park their cars for 5-10 minutes and therefore they are victims. Explaining that they experienced a 60 percent decrease in their customers due to not only the parking problem but also the lack of U-turn, the tradesman emphasizes that there should be a paid parking as in other streets by opening a pocket on the roadside. Mithat Bezirci, one of the street tradesmen, said: “This is the main street, we are aware of this very serious traffic density. We definitely do not want long-term parking here. But we are shopkeepers here, we want to take advantage of being on the front street. People should come, park their cars for 10 minutes and both shop and receive the orders they have previously placed. Sometimes you look at the car stops for 3-4 hours, there is no coming and going, no control. Citizens need to give 15 minutes at that time to receive the order. Or he warned the traffic, he said your check car, and then a two-minute allowance must be shown. Tradesmen become victims. You are laboring, you will sell in full, that voice prevents all of our sustenance. " said.

Bezirci emphasized that they paid very serious rents to the shops on the street to take advantage of the street. Noting that the parking lot behind the Karatay Mufti was closed and allocated to the mobile people, Bezirci said, “Şems Park has a multi-storey car park built there, and most citizens do not know that. There is a serious parking problem during the holidays. We do not say anything to the police, who are doing their duty, they will do it, but when we say a 5 minutes as a tradesman, let them show us. We can say to the customer, okay, we took care of it, be calm. There is a parking lot on all roads. Put it free of charge for 0-20 minutes, the rest will say that much money, the person who sees it takes their precautions accordingly. Otherwise, we are up to the initiative of the officer working here. Some of them are very gentle and some of them are quite the opposite. You cannot express yourself. " He spoke in the form.

Halit Onüçyıldız, one of the street tradesmen, stated that he had been trades on Mevlana Avenue for 30 years and drew attention to the fact that street efficiency fell 60 percent after the rail system. Stating that 95 percent of its customers came by vehicle, Onüçyıldız said that industrial tradesmen forgot the street. Onüçyıldız continued his words as follows: “The guys we know most are calling on the phone because we cannot come there, we cannot stop, there is no turning back. There is no u-turn when entering this street. There must be a toll pocket to park here. Here we are closing a shop without a black hole. Just when the customer is buying the product, the traffic police are coming, playing that voice relentlessly. When he wants to make traffic prepaid, he stops the vehicle in front of the shops, then the customer does not stop. He does not go and stand there empty in front of the spinner mosque. We are not against control. Without control, there will be no order, but the shopkeepers earn bread money here. It pays tax and pays the rent of the shop. We are not against the traffic control and the law, but in the meantime, you should also consider the tradesmen. Let some tolerance be shown until a solution is made. "

Underlining that the street is causing the street to die at the tram, Halit Kocak, everywhere in the world is expanding over time in Konya, narrowed in Konya, he said. Before the tram, the 3 lane is a comfortable road and said that Koçak, today parked in one of the accidents, fights, tradesmen and traffic policemen stressed that there are problems. Noting that the citizens could not handle the 5-10 minutes, Koçak said, UM The parking lot problem is too much. There are very serious problems up to Mevlana parking lot. Here I am looking for different intentions. Give the car to the top officials in the municipality, back to Alaaddine. Where will your governor come from? Mevlana Cultural Center has got out of there. Mev

Halit Koçak said there were rumors that the street would be closed and that the street would be finished by the end of the traffic. Koçak, who gave an example from Zafer, said: X If the victory is over, it will be in 2001. Victory closed already opened the tower is meaningful. There are only fast food players in Zafer that change hands every year. It was a beautiful street. Most of your trades have sunk. This place will be closed as soon as the shutters will come down. This place was the victim of trades when 2 closed the year when the tram was to be built. From that time, 'Abi I can not get out of there when I came' said many sincere old friends. I think there are works to finish the trades here. They're gonna walk this way. The crowd at Istiklal Street is one of the 3 in Konya. Where you gonna find that crowd. There is not even a previous crowd in the 6 year. Yok

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