Pink Trambuses Ready for Duty in Malatya

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality by the use of women only for the use of 2 pink trambus in the period of new education will begin to service said.

2 pink trambuses, ordered by taking into consideration the request of a group of female students studying at İnönü University, will perform their first time in the new academic year. The pink trambuses that were intended only for women were brought to Malatya after their assembly. Late in the day for the public opening of Malatya coming into service by President Erdogan pink TRAMBUS are to be tested for the first time in Malatya Turkey as application now. With the pink trambus project, which has been making a big impact since the first day it was announced to the public, the negativities experienced by female students in İnönü University transportation will be eliminated and the density in transportation will be reduced. It was learned that Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to solve this negativity with 2 pink trams in the first place, may increase the number of pink trambuses in the future.

Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır, in a previous statement about the application of pink trambus, said, “University students had started a campaign about this. We took this request into consideration and started a study on it. Hopefully, we will put the 2 trams into service for our female passengers only. Trambuses will be in service in the coming days. ”

There is a similar application in Japan

Turkey will be launched for the first time in Malatya pink TRAMBUS a similar application in Japan to practice. In Japan, there are compartments that only women can use on trains and subways. These pink and white colored subways are used only by women. In some vehicles, all compartments are allocated to women, while in others, certain compartments are only available to women.



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