Minister Arslan: Yatırım We invested 15 billion pounds in the year 352 Transportation Sector Bakan

UDHR Minister Arslan, "Turkey is not a subcontractor in major projects in the world, ranks as the contractor, our country Retrieving example, are viewed with envy."

Arslan: çe As we realize our people's dreams, they want more as we believe that we have realized those dreams. The rights. "

Armstrong: "every part of Turkey's modern, comfortable with such rapid demirağ we, our country, our people anywhere in the city by a maximum transmission that can go everywhere in our country."

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan participated as a guest in the ende High Profile program program, which was shot on high-speed train and broadcasted on August 20, and made important statements about the projects of the Ministry.

“We have invested 15 billion Turkish Lira in our sector in 352 year.”

Minister Arslan said: yıldır We have done a lot in terms of transporters for 15 years. If you think that our country is a bridge between Asia and Europe continents, we have done a lot of work to give this right. We'il do a lot of work. We did a lot of work to be done via Turkey to world transport. If we look only in terms of our passengers, we have come a long way not only in terms of travel comfort of our country people, but also in freight transport and its reflection on industry, industry and economy. These distances when riding Turkey shortens an end to ulaştırabilirk travel time in terms of transportation and communication from one end, access makes it easier, gathering efforts that so far fully 352 billion Turkish Liras in this sector, when the old money, 352 trillion money intended to be spent, if we go back to a few million of money on the IMF door If you think of the periods of government touring, 352 billion pounds is very big money. We have spent this money on behalf of our people to reach, and we will spend more. ”

Iz We will realize the three-storey Istanbul Tunnel which can be called the combination of Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel. ”

Stating that our people see where we come from while using all modes of transport, train, maritime, airlines, highways, and communication, Arslan said, var There is much more to go. Because we have followed the world in the past and today we have become a country that develops new technologies together with the world and uses them in transportation modes. Therefore, our people have higher expectations. The reason for this is the 100-150 annual dream of Marmaray, Eurasia Project, Osman Gazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, we have realized many such projects. Just a few days ago, we were in the Ovit Tunnel with our President. 14 kilometers, 14 are building a thousand-meter tunnel. With this tunnel, we connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia and from there to the south without interruption. Our Black Sea people say that this project is 100 - 150 annual dreams. As we realize these dreams, they want more as we believe that we have realized those dreams. The rights. What is more? the high-speed rail network to spread to all parts of Turkey. It is the realization of the three-storey Istanbul Tunnel which can be called as the combination of Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul. Istanbul is the only city in the world that passes by the sea. Bosphorus is really a pearl. In order to protect this pearl, especially in order to prevent the dangers arising from oil transportation, we will make the new project, Channel Istanbul Project, which will connect the Black Sea to Marmara. Turkey has demonstrated to the whole world with the largest project ever done that made large projects, no project can not perform. Our people believe and trust us. By doing Channel Istanbul, we will say that if our country needs it, the degree of difficulty does not matter, we will realize it. “

“Comfortable, pleasant, nice ride on the train ride. "

Arslan answered the questions asked by the passengers about the new railway lines and said, “The train journey is a very pleasant journey, a very nice journey, a very comfortable journey in public transportation, and the advantages it offers to go from door to door. But more importantly, if you connect the train networks all over the country, make access easier, it becomes more preferable. ”

Today Ankara-Eskisehir-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Konya and Eskisehir-Istanbul the number of passengers carried in high-speed rail line that exceeds 30 million, of yht our people live their convenience, he said that Turkey wants each instead of spread.

"Every place of modern Turkey, we eg with comfortable speed railway network. Our people all over the country will have this comfort. ”

Arslan, "appealing to the 33 percent of the country's population, connecting our six provinces along with Kocaeli Bilecik development of these networks and need to be expanded in the high-speed train our people around our Turkey could benefit from this comfort. For him, the construction of Ankara-Sivas high-speed train continues. Hopefully the end of 2018 will be put into service at the beginning of 2019. We'il take the web a little further east. Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-İzmir between Ankara and İzmir. Work continues on all routes. Our goal is to finish at 2019. We are continuing our project work to connect Bursa to Bilecik through Istanbul and Ankara. These are ongoing projects… We also have the work to extend the line to Karaman. The project is over. Electricity, signal work. Soon it will be over. We will continue with our efforts to extend Karaman from Adana, Mersin to Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep. We also have projects that will extend Sivas to Kars and Erzincan will extend to Trabzon, Ankara, Kırıkkale and Çorum to Samsun. From Şefaatli to Kayseri in the south direction; Erzincan to Mus; From Sivas to Elazığ, Malatya, Mardin and Diyarbakır; each side of the knitting Turkey with modern comfortable speed railway network, by transferring a maximum of a city anywhere in our country, our people went Allow all over our country. In addition, the project we will tender this year HalkalıIs -Kapıkule. In other words, we will build the line that will connect our country's high-speed train system to Europe. In this way, we will cover the whole country with high speed train networks. ”

Yük With BTK, freight transport will be doubled. ”

Noting that the Baku-Tbilisi Kars Railway Project will be doubled when cargo transportation is completed, Arslan said that Marmaray is not only a project serving Istanbul, but that Asia and Europe are connected under the sea.Halkalı Emphasizing that a train departing from London can go to China without interruption, and Kars, which is the missing link, will make the Iron Silk Road uninterrupted through Anatolia with BTK. şunlar With the development of the networks, travels to neighboring regions; It is very important for the development of culture and human relationship. But there is a very serious burden in the world, and there is very serious economic input and income. Cargo of the "Central Corridor" which he defined as a continuous move from London to China via Turkey, will only allow a very serious come to our country transition of trains. We're not content with that. We build many logistics centers on this route. We will also link these places to ports. These burdens can reach the Middle East, Black Sea and Africa from here. In our country, there will be a serious market for the cargoes carried by rail and the cargoes. We are currently transporting 26.5 million tons of cargo. We will double this with BTK. Therefore, this project is very important. ”

Turkey's past is a country following other countries, now that the recent simultaneous use producing technology with the world, while contracted in advance overseas projects, now that employers in the world that in many parts of large infrastructure projects performed for our country foreign exchange gain and Turkey's example and envy with the said.

Sesli Audio book reading system will be put into service for the visually impaired. ”

Arslan, high-speed trains are satisfied with the passengers, YHTs entertainment system, wireless internet service is available, and also many possibilities and convenience for disabled citizens are offered, it is possible to offer food service on the trains, said that the study of audio books for visually impaired citizens.

“The environment is not only the work of environmentalists, but the work of all of us.”

Domestic and national wagons, high-speed trains continue to work on the Arslan said, they also care about the environment in the projects, as a result of facilitating transportation 10.5 billion pounds a year, 6 billion pennies, 1 million 600 thousand tons of fuel savings per year, 3 million 260 said the emission of one thousand tons of emissions has been reduced, thus reducing the environmental impact and leaving a better environment for the future.

The guests showed great affection to UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan who traveled all the way to Xinjiang by high-speed train for the program shooting and expressed his satisfaction about transportation and communication investments.


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