There was a hike in mass transportation in Konya!

Konya Metropolitan Municipality public transportation vehicles, buses and trams came to raise. Minibus prices were charged between 2,25 and 2,60 TL, while bus and tram fares were also raised. Accordingly, the hand-card 2,10 full, the student was 1,55 TL. There is a raise in the taxi

Konya Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation buses and trams in the student boarding ride 1,55 TL, a civilian ride was 2,10 TL. Monthly unlimited hand card (subscription) prices have been updated to student 90, civil 135 TL. In the contactless cards, a boarding fee is determined as 2,10 TL in the contracted banks and as 2,27 TL in the banks without agreement.

According to the UKOME decision, the new tariffs of the minibus lines have been announced within the framework of the public transportation hikes. Accordingly, the shortest distance increased from 2 TL to 2,25 TL. The longest distance will be charged as 2,60 TL.



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