High Speed ​​Train from the Union of City Councils

Turkey Urban Councils high-speed train project in the Black Sea Coast at the meeting of the Union's agenda for the first time moved to Rize.

Turkey Urban Councils Association was held in Rize of this month's meeting. Rize Teachers meeting held with the participation of members of the press at home, Turkey Urban Councils Union Chairman Necati riders, Kahramanmaras City Council President Zeynep Arikan, Adana City Council Deputy Chairman Ekrem Lion, Turkey Urban Councils Association Board Member Gulay SARIŞEN and Saim Yavuz, Turkey City Council Press Consultant Ökkeş Özekşi, Chairman of the Ordu City Council Özgür Enginyurt, President of Elazığ City Council Murat Ergen, Yakudiye City Council President Ali Korkut and Rize City Council Executive Committee members attended.

Rize City Council President Sadullah Köse said that the City Council was a big family thanks to the Union of City Councils and said, öğ We are a big family serving the cities. This month we have the pleasure of making our province Turkey Urban Councils Association of the meeting. I believe that this meeting will make valuable contributions to our province and our country. We did everything we could to make our guests happy in our city. We have a fast train from Samsun to Sarp. For this, we look forward to contributing and helping our unity. Other coastal provinces of Trabzon, Giresun, Ordu and Samsun City Councils are waiting for the contribution. With the support of the City Council, we believe that the project, which is very important for this region, will be implemented. This project will be about 2.5 hours between Samsun and Sarp. The region has also gained a significant momentum in tourism in recent years. Thanks to this high-speed train, life will increase in many areas from tourism to economy. Turkey's Black Sea province why there are a lot of opportunities in're not on the beach. We're doing our consultations. The project is very well received. We will have serious initiatives in this regard in the coming days ciddi.

in Rize at a meeting that established why the City Council, the expectations of the city council, what are voicing found in the exchange of ideas about what to do Turkey Urban Councils Union Chairman Necati riders, "We feel the power of the City Council during our visits in Rize. The local superiors opened their doors to this point. We don't have functionality if those doors aren't open. We do this on a voluntary basis. First we work for our country after our city. Rize is talking about rail. We will be the followers of this issue by gathering the provinces in the coastline in Rize. These meetings are places of consultation. We can see an example we saw in Samsun in Rize. In these meetings, our City Councils bring their works in their provinces with examples and share them in these meetings. We think that good examples should guide the city councils. The place of cooperation between us is the meetings of the unity of city councils. We do these meetings many times a year. Turkey will do its meeting in October, "he said.

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