Kayseri's Value Erciyes Became the Value of the World

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's work and targets in Erciyes were told to the press and the public.

The third meeting of the activities of a unit of the Metropolitan Municipality was held in Erciyes. In the meeting, investments and targets related to Erciyes, which has become one of the most important ski resorts of the world with the investments of Metropolitan Municipality, were shared with the press and the public. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Erciyes'in city to work to bring more profit, he said.

The meeting was held in Erciyes. Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Erciyes had a history that started in 2005.

Promotion is increasing

Expressing that they aim to complete the infrastructures in Erciyes, Mayor Çelik said that it is out of the question for the municipality to build a winter sports center with such an investment anywhere in the world. Emphasizing that they have invested in an asset like Erciyes to add value to the city, Mayor Çelik said, “The work that needed to be done when the infrastructure was finished was promotion, advertising and marketing activities. This is what we do now. Also, to make Erciyes usable not only during the winter season but for 12 months. For this, we started thermal hot water drilling work. According to the report of MTA, it was stated that there may be hot water at a depth of 2 thousand 200 meters. We started drilling at the highest possible location. As of today, around 180 meters has been reached. We expect it to be completed by the end of this year. If not, we will continue to work with the spring. A very nice project has been prepared for the High Altitude Athlete Camp Center, which we want to build in order to use Erciyes for 12 months again. Application projects are now being prepared. With the contributions of our Ministry of Youth and Sports, its huge facility has been brought to our city. kazanwe will go. When we build the facility, it will be a camp center preferred by teams who want to camp in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Our goal is to attract more guests to Erciyes. Last year, we increased the number of visitors by 40% with weather sponsorship on only a few channels. We're going to be doing a lot more promotions this year. The more visitors we attract here, the more we will contribute to the city's economy. We are working to bring Erciyes to a point where it makes more profit for our city.”


Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board and General Manager Murat Cahid Cıngı made a detailed presentation about Erciyes. With the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, providing information about the point of Erciyes Cıngı, 'Erciyes'da 23,75 kilometers mechanical facility. We are now able to carry the 26-27 a thousand people in one hour. 102 km. We have ski slopes. We are preparing these tracks for ski lovers with our snow crushing machines every day. We have 154 artificial snow machines. the most advanced artificial snow production plant in Turkey Erciyes. We invested about 20 million euros for artificial snowing. The centers that have artificial snowmaking equipment like ours are called yab Snow Guaranteed Ski Center “by foreigners. This is a very important element for foreigners. There are no international competitions unless these facilities are available Bu.

Murat Cahid Cıngı, who explained the reasons for choosing Erciyes, said: olm The state-of-the-art ropeways, the technological infrastructure, the safety, the artificial dimming units, the ability to ski on all sides of the mountain with a single ticket, the ease of access to Erciyes from the city center and the global brand Cappadocia. our advantages. Compared to other parts of the world, Erciyes offers significant privileges to both domestic and foreign tourists. Dün

Erciyes'de 10 hotel 1500 bed capacity in the vicinity of the expression of Cıngı existing, the completion of other hotels in the 6 bin bed capacity will be reached, he said. Murat Cahid Cıngı, the city of Erciyes'ye also very seriously benefited from hotels said. Talking about the ski training that they offer in Erciyes, Cıngı said: inden For this purpose, we established Snow Academia. With the 78 ski instructor, we gave 4 thousand 092 people a ski lesson. Sports also gave education to children. This year, we build Turkey's first ski training area Hisarcik the door. "


Erciyes'te Erciyes, which also mentions international competitions. Chairman of the Board of Cıngı said that international competitions contribute to the branding of Erciyes. Cungi also tried to make the World Snowbopard Cup this year, he said.

Murat Cahid Cıngı, who also mentioned the works they have done to bring the masses to Erciyes, said, çalış We are making important works in the Russian market. I hope this year will be put in Moscow-Kayseri aircraft. We are trying to make Erciyes known in the region. We are doing important works in China. We are attending Berlin and Dubai fairs and presenting Erciyes. Berlin Cıngı, Erciyes'de cambing, mountain hiking, mountain biking, gave information about activities such as horse-drawn walking.

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