Kayseri to be Better with High Speed ​​Train

Kayseri is a metropolitan city that deserves the most beautiful investments

Among the High Speed ​​Train Projects that have been continuing rapidly in our country in recent years, between Antalya Eskişehir and Antalya Kayseri have been included. Project and ground surveys are continuing rapidly. Passenger transport between the three metropolitan cities will be carried out in less time. The entire project evolves to a high figure It has been a big event to put the 11,5 billion dollar investment into a high-level project.

Made, ongoing projects and projects that if the draft of all high-speed train network in Turkey is around 55 billion dollars is needed to make this a high number Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Transport Minister in particular.

In addition, when Yerköy Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Line is completed, transportation to Ankara will be made in a shorter time and with less cost, so the people of Kayseri will have a comfortable, cheap and comfortable journey.

According to the information obtained from the Union Headquarters, it is learned that the average speed of 200 million passengers and 4,5 million tons will be transported annually when the high-speed railway project is completed between Antalya-Eskişehir and Antalya-Kayseri in accordance with the speed of 10 km per hour. 642 kilometers between Kayseri-Nevşehir, 41 kilometers between Nevşehir-Aksaray, 110 kilometers between Aksaray-Konya, 148 kilometers between Konya-Seydişehir, 91 kilometers between Seydişehir-Manavgat, 98 kilometers between Manavgat and Alanya kilometers, Manavgat-Antalya will be between 57 kilometers, the project is very important for the region will be carried out freight transportation said.


The estimated cost of the project will be 11.5 billion liras. When completed, it is estimated that 4.3 million passengers will be transported annually. The importance of the project in terms of Seydişehir Seydişehir-Antalya between the 85-90 a kilometer line will be made, ie a passenger from Seydişehir high speed train to Antalya region with the 25 to reach between 35 minutes.


In addition, Antalya-Eskisehir and Antalya-Kayseri fast rail is completed Antalya-Istanbul travel time 4.5 hours, Antalya-Ankara between the 3 hours learned learned.

On the one hand, it will reach the South, on the other hand, the iron networks that will extend to Ankara, Eskişehir and Istanbul will make our country and Kayseri more livable places.

Hope to be good for Kayseri.

Abdullah PEKER
President of Transport and Railroad Workers Union



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