Izmir embraces young people

Young people who came to Izmir from different cities for university education and their families were welcomed with an exemplary hospitality "unique to the city". Volunteer young people waiting at the bus terminal within the scope of the project "Izmir Embraces the Youth" under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said "welcome" to 14 university students as of 2 August. Welcomed with hot soup, tea and pastry on their first step to the city, and their questions about accommodation and registration were answered, İzmir's new residents were delivered to their universities with free buses.

The right to enroll in universities in Izmir according to the results of the Student Selection and Placement Exam kazanComing from different cities of the country, university students stepped into the city with a warm encounter this year with the organization led by the Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the project “İzmir Embraces the Youth”, the young people and their families welcomed at the bus station were more than satisfied with the application. During the registration week on August 14-18, 2 students and their families were served.

İzmir imma
In order to alleviate the concerns of the new residents of the city coming from outside of Izmir for enrollment to universities and to help them, a literally "Izmir collaboration" was displayed. In addition to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, many volunteers supported the project, which was realized in partnership with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, the Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation, the Turkish Education Foundation and the municipalities of Balçova, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli and Urla, which host university campuses.

Young people who set foot in İzmir were welcomed by the project volunteers at the intercity bus terminal and delivered to their universities, where they would enroll, with free shuttles after the hot soup, tea and pastry offered by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Students were given brochures containing a map of the university they will enroll in, transportation (metro-bus-ferry routes), accommodation and cultural-social needs, and information about social responsibility projects and social activities. Free wi-fi and charging unit was also available at the waiting point at the bus station. Within the scope of the project, guidance services on enrollment and accommodation were provided at the information desks set up in universities.

We were surprised and touched
Students and their families wanted the students to set an example for other cities because of the warm welcome of the volunteers who took their places in the bus terminal with the first lights of the day.

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