Stone Asphalt to Nostalgic Tram Rails in Istiklal

Due to infrastructure works in Beyoğlu, the nostalgic tram line, which has been unable to operate for a while, has been renewed, and 'mastic asphalt' was poured on the rails. This method aims to prevent cracks and leaks in the tram line.

The renovation and infrastructure works of İstiklal Street, one of the symbolic points of Istanbul and the nostalgic tramway are continuing rapidly.

Within the scope of renovation works, the rails placed on the tram line were fixed by supporting with asphalt.

Asflat poured around the rails 'stone asphalt known as' 'mastic asphalt' is learned, the asphalt in question began to be used specifically stated recently in Turkey.

The mastic asphalt, which has taken its full form in the area it is poured, is planned to be prevented by the vibration of the tram that runs on Istiklal Street and the frequent deterioration of the stone pavements of the street.



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