Scandal in Istanbul Metro

A stagnant event took place in the Istanbul Yenikapı subway. The two policemen searched 28-year-old Şennur P. by stripping her underwear until thick.

The two women police officers working on the Yenikapı Hacıosmanoğlu metro line in Istanbul brought Şennur P. to the security call point and robbed her underwear until she was subject to a lawsuit.

According to the news of Dilek Yaman in Sabah newspaper; At the subway station, a case was opened against two female police officers who took the young woman to the search room and searched naked. On the day of the incident, Şennur P., 28, wanted to board the Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line with her two friends. Police officers working at the entrance of the subway were trying to ensure the security of the subway. The female police officers who wanted to search the young woman's bag could not see that 28-year-old Şennur P. opened her bag due to the crowd.

They made a BARE SEARCH

The female police, who followed the young woman, took the young woman to the security point. Police officers, who allegedly insulted Şennur P., began to look for the young woman. And again, the alleged women police officers took out the male police officers in the search room and robbed ŞennurP.


Unable to understand what happened, Şennur P. went out after getting dressed and asked if there was such an application. The supervisor who came to the scene responded to Şennur P. by saying, "Don't care about him, he's a bit nervous." The young woman, who applied to the prosecutor's office with her friends, complained of the police officers on duty. An investigation was launched into the incident. As part of the investigation, police officers were identified and the statements of Müge Y. and Azize Ç. The police officers on duty denied the allegations of Şennur P.


An indictment was issued against the police officers on duty by the Istanbul Officer Crimes Investigation Bureau. In the indictment, he argued that the police officers abused the duty, arguing that the two police officers on duty searched irregularly, insulting the young woman, exceeding their mandate and limits. The prosecutor requested that the two female police officers be sentenced to up to 2 years in prison.

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