The allegation of beating musician Gülşah Erol in Istanbul Metro

Musician Gülşah Erol, in her message from her social media account, Istanbul Kadıköy He claimed that he was beaten by the police at the entrance to the subway.

Erol said that although he said he was a musician, he hit his hands and arms and cursed him, and that the cello in the box was broken, "They put my instrument as a bomb and me in a room, declaring me a terrorist." said.

'Yesterday I could have died'
Erol's post on his Instagram account is: “August 2, yesterday I was beaten by 2 police officers. Kadıköy At the entrance of the subway. They closed my instrument in a room by declaring the bomb as terrorist. I was handcuffed, punched and kicked over and over again. They hit my face with the Turkish flag, saying that we are citizens of this country, or me? My musician was more battered when I said please take care of my arms and hands. People like me should have left this country, and people like me and me were traitors. They threatened to put me in jail, insulted my entire family with words that would not be mouthed. The result is my life, which is clear, with my heart, my freedom, but my dear is burning ... I did not put the photos of the damages in my body, because it is so bad, even so much should show what I have been exposed to in this country. I am a musician! I am an artist who works in this country. Is this what I deserve ?! Please pay attention to musicians, artist friends, even if they approach you with insult and attack, shut up and stay away from them. Everywhere hurts, my chin, eyes, face, legs and arms are in pain, but my heart hurts the most. I could have died yesterday… ”



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