Istanbul Street Will Be The Prestige Of Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that Istanbul Caddesi will continue to be the most prestigious district of Bursa with its private investments. President Altepe, Istanbul Street Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (ISSSIAD) Chairman of the Board of Directors hosted Yakup Altınöz and board members. The meeting at the presidential building on Ankara Road, Istanbul Street, arrangements came up.

Mayor Recep Altepe, said the work on the street will be completed next summer. Altepe emphasized that the Istanbul road is the most important entry of the city, therefore, said they went to an integrated arrangement in the region. President Altepe emphasized that the region is changing rapidly with the investments in rail system which are suitable for street aesthetics and they are directing the new constructions accordingly. Gen Because Istanbul Street is our most important artery. It is the most important entrance of Bursa. For this reason, we maintain investments in a very sensitive way. We are also directing special constructions in accordance with the new silhouette of the street. Integrated with the metro stations, we take the 9 overpass for the first time in a different architecture. The assemblies have already begun, I hope that soon everything will come out and it will be revealed. Hopefully we will have used the street in its renovated form starting next summer. İn

In the meeting which took place in a warm atmosphere, Istanbul Street precedent applications came up. Expressing that they are open to advice on the increase of the President Altepe, the most important thing is to reveal the work to add quality to Bursa, he said. Noting that they believe Istanbul Street will have serious investments due to the rapid transformation efforts, President Altepe said, arı Hospital, hotel and business centers should come here. I believe that prestige buildings will add value to the region and Bursa. We want a strong city with a strong and beautiful entrance. We are working for this. Bun

İSSSİAD President Yakup Altınöz thanked Mayor Altepe for the arrangements made in the region as İstanbul Caddesi industrialists. Altinoz said that the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality have already begun to change the silhouette of the street and that it has won everyone's appreciation. Cad We hope to reach a place like Maslak. We have hope. Generally pleased with the street work. There is a small segment that is uncomfortable, but it is very normal. No other choice! You can't fly. Uç Saying that Istanbul Street should change its precedent for Maslak-like structure, Altınöz said, em As a business world, this is an expectation. I believe that. This place will add great value to Bursa with discrete nizam business centers. Bur



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