Shocked incident at İZBAN's Çiğli station

Izban Cigli station, a cleaning officer, battered the passenger. While the event shared in social media aroused great reaction, İZBAN said in a statement “This behavior will not remain unpunished”. IZBAN Cigli station in a discussion between a passenger and a cleaning worker battered the passenger cleaning staff. Mentally disabled passenger was reported to be in good health. The event was shared on social media as özel A special child was beaten to death by the official in Çiğli İZBAN station ve and aroused great reaction.


In a written statement from İZBAN, an employee working in the sub-contractor responsible for the cleanliness of the stations, Cigli Station, said they experienced the sadness of a physical intervention in a passenger. The statement stated that this behavior will not remain unpunished, “The subcontractor company was asked not to assign the employee again in our institution and to impose serious sanctions on the behavior of its personnel. Indicates that we will follow the process, we present the information to the public..

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