An Important Step For The "Dekovil Road" From Tonyalı

The project that will accelerate Düzce tourism is on the agenda again! Leader Education and Culture Foundation President Önder Tonyalı started initiatives for the 'Dekovil Road', which was once used in transportation, when it pointed out that it had to be revealed on many platforms. Having met with Düzce MP Fevai Arslan, who promised that the road will be unearthed by saying 'I will be a follower' before, Tonyalı demanded that the project be accelerated.

An important step from Tonyalı
“An important step in revealing Dekovil Road! Leading Education and Culture Foundation President Önder Tonyalı, who recommended the use of the rail system used in forestry and extending from Samandere Waterfall to the Forest Management until the 1950s, started initiatives.

It leaves the project
Tonyalı, who even called the street with the name of “Old Dekovil Road” and frequently participated in the symposiums that he participated in to reveal this historical road, which is taken as an example by many cities, does not chase the project.

Tonyali: It should be used as a nostalgic and touristic road
Having attended the International Duzce History and Culture Symposium held by Düzce Municipality as the Chairperson of the past, Tonyalı suggested that the "Dekovil Road", which was used for transportation in Düzce for many years, should be investigated and used as a nostalgic and touristic route.

The word 'Tekavül Yolu' from Arslan
This call from the Chairman of the Foundation, Tonyalı, was not gratuitous, Düzce Deputy Fevai Arslan stated that they would initiate the necessary initiatives to reveal the Dekovil Road, which is one of the most remarkable proposals at the International Duzce History and Culture Symposium.

“Became an interpreter for our Tonya feelings”
Arslan, gel One of the sessions we dreamed of for a long time that our childhood years, the system called the forest of the forest to run the system called the Dekovil Road brought to the agenda came from the forest. In fact, we have a rail system that gives the name of the neighborhood. It has been used in provinces such as Sinop and Kastamonu starting from Düzce. Those who lived in Düzce for many years would talk about this. Such an idea has emerged. We have been thinking for a long time as to what this rail system would have to do with nostalgia and its contribution to tourism. Mr. Önder voiced this in Tonyalı, and he became a translator. We will follow this business. We will take the first step of this work as soon as we start working. Hopefully we will. Many years past, we will look at what we have on it. I hope we find convenience. Lar

Request for "Accelerate Studies" from Foundation President Tonyalı
Following this announcement, Tonyalı, who closely followed the status of the project, had a meeting with the deputy Arslan. Tonyalı, who demanded the acceleration of the works for 'Dekovil Road', which will play an important role in the promotion of Düzce, received a positive response from Arslan.

Project will emerge
In Düzce, which is to be a brand city in tourism, there is no burden such as expropriation as the route of "Düzce'un Yolu", which will only come up with project design.

It is believed that the use of the Dekovil Road, which is of great value in the memories of Düzceliler, who is now in their 70s, will make a significant contribution to Düzce in the promotion.

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