Holidays have gone out

Holiday holiday 10 is out of the day, the city is overwhelmed by the noise of Ankara residents, to spend the holidays on the Mediterranean coast of the bus and the main station flocked to

Eid al-Adha holiday, which was extended to a total of 10 days with the decision of the Council of Ministers, caused a historical intensity in bus and train ticket sales. While bus companies sold 1 million tickets in AŞTİ, 500 thousand tickets were reserved. Tickets for the Mediterranean, Aegean and Eastern Anatolia regions were sold out at AŞTİ, where a 10-day holiday intensity was experienced. The last tickets of other regions are on sale in limited numbers. Ankara Train Station, on the other hand, was flooded by the people of the capital who will take a vacation on the High Speed ​​Train routes. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan announced that they put additional voyages in all transportation areas.

Ankara Intercity Terminal Management (AŞTİ) broke a record with the holiday going to 10 days. The 10-day holiday holiday decision taken by the government in line with the demands of the tourism professionals also made the bus companies smile. While the people of Ankara turned the 10-day break into an opportunity, the companies made the biggest sales in their history. Ankaralı who took his baggage took his breath at the terminal, it was filled in a short time, including the additional flights of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia Regions, and there were limited tickets left for other regions. It is stated that 350 thousand people enter and exit daily in AŞTİ, which is preferred by civil servants and nuclear families, especially outside the city. In AŞTİ, where a record number of tickets are sold, sales and morale have also peaked. Tradesmen who complain about the recession of the summer also laugh at this.

BUGSAŞ General Manager Seçkin Odabaşı said, “We sold more than 90 percent of the tickets,” and added that they expect a total of 1,5 million ticket sales with the reserved tickets. Odabaşı said, “The continuation of the holiday season and the extension of the holiday to 10 days made AŞTİ experience an incredible activity. We reached a historical figure in our business, where at most 750 thousand tickets have been sold so far. The tickets, which have not bought their tickets for weeks or have been booked for possible situations, have been sold out with the announcement of the holiday as 10 days. According to the information we obtained from our companies, Ankara residents bought their tickets over the internet or by phone right after the announcement of their holiday decision. This holiday, we took the security measures to the highest level in AŞTİ. We will not let the terrorist, the smuggler, the thief open. One million sales have been made so far, 500 thousand of which are reserved. "The people of Ankara who hit the road with a 10-day vacation and our tradesmen who have achieved a good sales figure are smiling."

Stating that they have taken high security measures for the high demand in AŞTİ, Odabaşı said, “Our country is going through extraordinary times. In such times when FETO and other terrorist attacks intensified, AŞTİ gave a holiday alarm ”. Odabaşı said, “All doors are under control, we did extra work on entrances and exits. After the terrorist attacks, we reduced the number of our doors, but we aimed to control the entrances and exits from the lower but highly controlled gates. While we have increased baggage checks at the entrance and exit, we have also taken serious measures for recent bus accidents. "We are working together with Ankara Police, BUGSAŞ and Metropolitan police teams."

Stating that surprising preferences were also seen in the sales, Odabaşı said that the citizens of the capital prefer their preferences to holiday destinations such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Odabaşı said, “Citizens combine their annual holiday with a holiday and flock to the seaside and coastal towns. Our flights to the southern provinces have been exhausted. Even additional flights are about to be filled. On the other hand, this holiday has experienced a surprising development. "While normally there is an influx from the East-Southeast regions to the inner and coastal regions during the holidays, this holiday is a complete lesson."

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