Fast train approaching Sivas

📩 27/12/2018 16:36

Within the scope of the high-speed train works between Ankara and Sivas, physical realization has been achieved in 75 ratio. At the same time, Superstructure and Electromechanical work of Yerköy-Sivas route was awarded on 1 83 13 2017 XNUMX TL XNUMX TRL.

Within the scope of Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project, it has been learned that 405 physical realization has been realized in infrastructure construction works of 75 km long high speed train line. Within the scope of the project; Yerkoy-Sivas Route (Km: 184 + 400-Km: 465 + 500) Superstructure and Electromechanical Works 1 Billion 83 Thousand TL 13.07.2017 Tender contract and signed a contract. At the same time, the General Directorate of TCDD taken into the investment program Railway Logistics Center II. It is planned to be established in Ulaş Kovalı, which is close to the area determined as Organized Industrial Zone. The project studies are continuing at the point of establishing the logistics center.

TCDD 4. The Regional Directorate of 2017 will invest 94,3 Million TL in Sivas as part of its investment program. The Regional Directorate has allocated 24,7 Million TL for the works started.

TCDD 4. The Regional Directorate will continue its activities in 2017 for maintenance and repair, road renewal, contract wall and retaining wall construction works, level crossing works, welding and scissor renovation works, telecommunication and electrification in order to improve and improve railway transportation. In 2017, TCDD Regional Directorate, which will make an investment of approximately 94,3 million TL, is also following the high speed train works between Ankara and Sivas.

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