Fast train crises don't stop Hızlı

People do not want to lose hope, but in the fast train project emerged that a new one was added to endless crises.
The story of the work is really exemplary:
In 2009, TCDD identifies the route of Balıkesir-Bursa-Osmaneli railway project and informs DSI with related institutions. Then, in the 2011, DSİ takes the Boğazköy Dam Irrigation Project to tender.
The 16 kilometer of the 665 kilometer pipeline and the 355 kilometer of 340 kilometer land consolidation roads of 400 are completed and the drainage channels are completed.
3 district 27 9 thousand 156 hectare land is being consolidated in the county. According to land consolidation, new land is shown and new title deeds are given to the landowners and they are beginning to cultivate the land.
All this Bütün
The high-speed train project at the 2012 is based on the project to pass north of Yenişehir Airport, from the south of Yenişehir district and through land consolidation. It is planned to reduce the cost of the project since the land is already in aggregation.
After all these works, TCDD 2016 changes its ideas in December and decides to make a project revision and pass the high speed train route north of Yenisehir district.
Your decision Karar
Iyor We have decided on that, you prepare the land according to her hazır in a writing that informs DSI. In other words, he wants years of collective consolidation to be changed according to the new project.
TCDD wants simple work, even if everything remains on the paper and no work has ever been done on the field.
Come see Gelin
340 kilometer pipe is installed, drainage channels are finished, 9 thousand 156 has been consolidated in the hectare area.
It's not possible to give up all of them and go back to your old land.
Besides, Kal
Even if he says, in We throw away all the things and the money we spend in the garbage, we accept them all harcan, there is a legal dimension of the work.
In that respect O
TCDD's decision to take the high-speed train route from south to north of Yenişehir led to a new crisis.
As well as..
The cost of this crisis is too big to measure even with money.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I




  1. This project had to move from the Yenişehir airport to the İnegöl side and then to the junction. What is done in this land?