Historical Tram Break for Konak Tramway

During the laying and infrastructure works of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Konak Tramway, a week-long break in the 10-meter area was carried out due to the marble historical artifacts from the 80 centimeter of the ground in a section of 50 meters over Şair Eşref Boulevard.

The laying of the Konak Tramway and the infrastructure works 8 and 9 stopped due to the historic marbles in August. After the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality notified the Izmir Archeology Museum, he made a survey in the historical monument site of Agora Excavation. In the region, historical old port and surrounding structures are found, due to the urbanization of these remains underground. The 1 Regional Council for Culture and Natural Resources in Izmir, 15, decided in August that it was noteworthy to document the artifacts and carry them to the museum for protection. After the documentation work, tramway work will be continued in the 50 meter section.

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