Düzce's Historic Decovil Road Finds Life Again

Significant progress has been made on the historical “Dekovil Road”, which began with the request of Leader Education and Culture Foundation President Önder Tonyalı and the efforts of Düzce Deputy Fevai Arslan, to begin to uncover. Selim Metin, the Deputy Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, who set out for the project, determined the route of the rail system from Samandere Waterfall to Orman Isletme. On the other hand, the rail system that will shed light on Düzce's history with its implementation, this time 83-year-old Ahmet Güney, one of the former TSO Presidents in Düzce, told us.

The m Dekovil Road m, which has an important place in the history of Düzce, is getting ready to find a new life step by step.

Tonyal proposed, Arslan supported
Leader Education and Culture Foundation President Önder Tonyalı, who recommended the use of the rail system used in forestry in Düzce until 1950s and extends from Samandere Waterfall to Forest Management, on many platforms, and made with Fevai Arslan, MP of Düzce. The meeting brought the project to the agenda again.

The route of the historic line became clear
Within the scope of the studies initiated, the route of the historic road, which is of great importance for the creation of the project, was unearthed.

Private Administration on
Seljuk Deputy Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Selim Metin exceeded the critical threshold in order to reopen the road. The text created a map of the entire route, which would make a significant contribution to the construction of the project for the reconstruction of the historic road.

Map is complete in road and locomotive
In order to make timber from the mountains, the railway line, which is used for the transportation of the logs to the Forestry Administration in Düzce, is completed in the Forestry Administration by passing through Beyköy boundaries and passing through the villages of Hatıplar and Otluoğlu. With the determination of the route, there was another obstacle in the formation of the project. It is expected that the locomotive working on the decovil road in Zeytinburnu is in a parking lot and will be given back to the city within the scope of the works carried out.

Those who testify tell eden
On the other hand, until the years of 1950'de Düzce used in the field of forestry, tractor and heavy vehicles vehicles into the circuit with the introduction of the history of the historic Dekovil Line, which is one of the important names of Düzce Former President of TSO Ahmet Güney told. Today, Ahmet Güney, who is a financial consultant at the age of 83, informed the historical Dekovil Line about the nostalgic view and the planned tourism tourism.

Ruk Used as a means of transportation and then left as a derelict “
Kadir Özçelik, who witnessed the Dekovil line, said that he recently listened to the statement he made to the Pioneer TV microphones and said: ğ I listened to the Dekovil line from my friend Kadir. She described her historical formation very well, but there was only one missing out on opening the “Dekovil Line Tarih. So we had one of our primary schools in 3 and a middle school. For his inauguration, they invited the students and the people there. There was a festive mood. A little train came to Duzce. The architect of the rate was the district governor of the time, the mayor, the director of the forest business and the artisans. Of course, over time, this was blown up, as soon as tractors and heavy vehicles came out. It was used as a means of transportation to the villages, but was left as a derelict. Some of the pieces were under the ground. Parçalar

Ön Revitalizing the waste will also lead to an investment in the atiye “
Saying that the revival of this historic locomotive would be good in terms of tourism, Güney said that it would be a sign of the transition of Düzce to the rail system and added:

Lan The revitalization is good in terms of tourism, because Düzce will then rely on tourism, the only non-industrial industry. Even late. Then it is not working with wood, gasoline, diesel powered, traveling on the ground to become a ropeway. Something positive happens. Inspired by this, it came to the agenda especially after the earthquake. If this citizen and the administration can do this with the means of the time then doing so from Permanent Houses would be the greatest benefit for Düzce. There are cars falling, there are those who kidnap the car, but the rail system will pay for itself in a short time. Therefore, Öncü TV, nostalgic hand in hand to it, wants to revive the past, to enliven the history of the ancestor of an investment for the horse. It's done, because there are opportunities. Yapıl

'They will earn the rail system to Düzce “
The south stated that Düzce is the most trusted province of power and said: ce We made the province, the Düzceliler did but the current power coming from the city will surely bring the rail system to Düzce and this will change the face of Düzce. Güney

South, also 'Historic Dekovil Line goes from the village of Simimollik Kiremitocağı neighborhood and the villages on the way to benefit from this system, said the return.

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