High Speed ​​Train and Gaziray Statement from Mayor Şahin

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, held a press conference yesterday, and also made important statements about the Gaziray high-speed train. President Sahin, "2020 Train in Gaziantep will begin to work in the year," he said.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality produces projects to permanently solve the problem of transportation as well as the city's water problem. President Fatma Sahin, the press conference to explain the change of drinking water pipes, high-speed train and told the work of Gaziray. Sahin, showing the high-speed train line, "High-speed train's tunnel line, in fact, how fast the train approach Gaziantep," he said. President Sahin, said:

“I also meet with our General Manager of Turkish State Railways. On the Gaziray line, we take the courthouse line from the 5-kilometer hospital area. And for this, we came together yesterday and showed us how important it is at the point where the high-speed train has reached, that big tunnels are opened, a serious infrastructure has been built, and if Allah permits, the entire infrastructure is built in a way that the Gaziantep high-speed train line will work in 2020. In 2020, high speed train and Gaziray are coming to Gaziantep and we are passing Gaziray and high speed train on the same line. We turn the land train line into Gazi rail and high speed train. We are also underground in the center of the city. There will be four tunnels in total. Two of them are about to be completed. ''

For the transportation problem which is one of the biggest problems of Gaziantep, both the Turkish State Railways and the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality have made a joint Gaziray project and have taken the biggest way to solve the transportation. Gaziray project will be operated by 25 station with 17 kilometers between Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz stations. There will be a new stadium, bus station and new residential areas on the route connecting the small industrial site and the organized industrial site. The project, which will serve the suburban series with all kinds of comfort, especially the air conditioning and security system, will make a significant contribution to the urban transportation of Gaziantep, which reaches to the population of 2 million. 2018 is aimed at transporting a thousand people in the first place 100 per day with Gaziray planned to be completed at the end of the year.

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