102 TL transfer from Haksen to Memur-Sen

Haksen Chairman Ayhan Çivi, Officer-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın'a sent 102 TL money order.

4 TL has sent 204 TL to its members and 102 TL to Ali Yalçın to protest Memur-Sen, who is demanding “Collective Contract Premium X for other union members.

Haksen Chairman Ayhan Çivi made a statement on the subject;

Collective bargaining negotiations started today. The authority to sign a collective bargaining agreement on the matters that are general to the law is in Ali Yalçın, the Chairman of Senate-Sen. Because he is sitting at the table as president of the unions' delegation. The collective bargaining results include all public officials and retirees, whether or not they are union members.

According to the law, only the collective bargaining bonus is paid only to union member officers (3 77 a month). This arrangement includes all trade union members. I mean, it doesn't matter what union they belong to.

Memur-Sen's requests to the public employer board include; 204 TL will be paid to its members and 102 TL to other union members.
The point that the demand should be dealt with is the subject of discussion with a funny figure such as 102 TL (34 TL per month).

This proposal, in fact, reveals the perspective of this union to the officer. In other words, other union members who see the 34 TL as a big gain will run to Officer-Sen. Officer-Sen members will also enjoy life with this achievement.

At this point, I would like to mention that I am very sorry to have given the union law 4688 and the years of trade union struggle.

For this reason, I would like to return the 102 TL in advance to Mr. Ali Yalçın, the Chairman of the Officer-Sen, who is demanding an 102 TL collective contract bonus for Haksen members.

Instead, we want civil servants to pay the unpaid inflation difference, the share of growth, the extra taxes paid, the aviation compensation, and the additional payments to be taken by the 4 / C judges.



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