Guest workers of Istanbul's 3 airport project

Istanbul's 3 airport, which will bring a new breath to international air transport, became the meeting point for citizens from different countries during the construction phase. 9 foreign workers are working in 466 country

The 3 airport of Istanbul is counting days for the planned opening date as 29 October 2018. On the construction site, every day, tens of thousands of workers add night to day and sweat to prevent any disruption to the project. Newspaper Habertürk'ten Gökhan Artan reported; There are currently 31 thousand employees in airport construction. The airport, which already provides a large employment facility and has more than one thousand 8 construction machines, will increase in the coming days.

When the airport is completed, it is envisaged that the number of people employed directly and indirectly will find the 225 thousand. In the giant project, 9 foreign worker from 466 is also working. There's a white collar and a blue collar. Employees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Pakistan, Georgia, the UK, Malaysia, France, Afghanistan and Nepal say they are proud to be the biggest airport project in the world.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, the CEO of IGA Airports Construction, said in a statement to Habertürk that they carried out a mega project and that they had employees from many parts of the world:

Var We have engineers from France from Malaysia. We have employees from Pakistan, Vietnam and Nepal. 31 is a 466 person in a thousand, a figure of around 1. We use people from all over the world. We have the largest equipment park in the world. We use all of the resources in Turkey. Turkish drivers and operators are of course our priority but it has become a necessity to go to such a study in the sense of B plan. Especially during the summer, for example, in the summer months, the driver took a break in order not to cause any interruptions, and we were very successful. Especially during the festive periods or in other periods, we made the site work. Özellikle

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