Golbasi Train Station Underpass Project Approved

Yusuf Özdemir, the Mayor of Gölbaşı in Adıyaman, gave the good news that the underpass, which cost 4 million 819 thousand TL, to the Botanical Park from the bottom of the train station.

Mayor Yusuf Özdemir gave the following information in his statement:

. One of the important problems of Gölbaşı'nın Kurugeçit Mahallesi Republican Republic Turan Özdemir Street, which will connect with the Republic of Golbasi Railway Station under the lower passage to the Botanic Park will be made to the gospel of both the people of the district and Kurugeçit Mahmoud I would like to herald good news.

In general, residents of the neighborhood were moving from the train station to the bazaar in the district center. There may be some difficulties during these transitions, and it is very difficult to get there when there are trains. As a result of our efforts in terms of both security and the elimination of these difficulties, we have ensured that the project will cost 4 million 819 thousand TL.

I would like to thank Mr. Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Aydın Bey, Deputy Mayor Sümeyye Selvican Şafak Hanfendiye and everyone who contributed to the project.

Our lower passage is already good for the people of the district of Kurugeçit district people.



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