Apaydın: "Hero Railways Made History on July 15"

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınIn the August issue of Raillife magazine, the article titled “Heroic Railroads Made History on July 15” was published.

The 160 railroads, which left the year behind, did not only become a means of transportation, but also played an important role in the future of the country.

In the National Struggle years, the enemy moved guns, ammunition and troops to the front with the trains without mind. The injured Mehmetçikler were transported to the nearest hospitals by trains for their treatment.

The grains, foodstuffs and garments collected for the Mehmetçikler inside Anatolia were transported to the front with trains.

The 15 2016 XNUMX night, which celebrated its first anniversary, was in charge of homeland defense.

That night, especially in the capital Ankara, major public buildings such as the Presidency and the Police Department were attacked by air and ground.

Upon the call of our President and the Prime Minister, our citizens went to the streets and the public buildings that were attacked by a raid were running in front of them.

Thousands of citizens living in Sincan, even though they wanted to come to Ankara, could not come because it was not a means of transportation. Upon the request of our citizens who wanted to come to Ankara by the commuter train, we sent the suburban trains to Sincan by opening the high speed train line between Sincan and Ankara at night.

However, the suburban train line between Sincan and Ankara was passing near important military units in Etimesgut. Therefore, there was a risk of being attacked from the ground and the air.

In order to reduce the risk, we ensured that the suburban trains were switched on and turned on. That night, we moved thousands of citizens to Ankara until the early morning light.

15 The night of July, as well as Ankara, Marmaray trains were operated in the morning and the safe transportation of our citizens was ensured. In all of our regions, all of our personnel were assigned to the office of the Governor's Office.

As in the National Struggle, the railwaymen carried out their historic duties successfully once again during the July 15.

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