Gar Taxi Stop Punished by Taxi Cabs

Gar Taxi Stations taxi drivers, passengers waiting in front of the High-Speed ​​Train Station (YHT) last year, the traffic ticket was cut and experienced great victimization, he said.

Taxi tradesmen who wanted to be assigned to them at Celal Bayar Boulevard, met at the stops in front of the old railway station yesterday. The last one month, the penalties exceeding 30 thousand TL stating the President Mehmet War, alar Mayor, 'Studies in progress, 8 otoluk place you' said, but every day we are punished. Milk sucked from our mother came from our noses. An Not to have a taxi stop sign, he said that they worked in groups of 5 vehicles in front of the YHT Terminal and that the waiting times were maximum 5 minutes.


Ağı This is the 50 gar station. A new station building was built. For instance, if it had not been done to AŞTİ side, we had no right but it was built into our own area. Despite that, they don't allow us to take passengers there. Contractor companies that make the new 'taxi there will give us a monthly 80 thousand pounds,' he says. Monthly 100 thousand TL with VAT. The people who work here are already able to take the money to the house of daily 100-150 lira. Let's give them how to get the 40 currency of this money. As they did not pay money to the traffic teams complain.


The teams are coming, they want the paperwork, and the 95 TL per car writes a parking ticket. Right side complete private vehicle full. We call them an example, 'they will take and take passengers' they say. But we're not stopping. No waiting, no more than 5 minutes. From here we arrive at the 5 vehicle according to the arrival time of the train. We take the passenger and leave immediately. There is nothing to the bus, bus, private vehicle; yellow taxi is a penalty. We have written petitions to the Presidency, the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior, the Governor's Office, the Police Department and the Metropolitan Municipality. Now we are collecting signatures, we will petition to the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. Here the 200 driver works. We will drive to the Külliye by 100 if necessary. We will seek the assistance of the President. Say

Source: Sedat CENİKLİ - the site




  1. What are the rules of taxis that they are? .. they make the tramps. They will park randomly .. parking in front of the 5 minute parking space if what you want ... day gains 600 lire does not fall. They should be polite .. they should undergo special training and should be subjected to a psycho-technical examination every year. They should not smoke in the vehicle.