Sea view terminal in Foça

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed 5.5 percent of the Foça Terminal building, which started construction with an investment of approximately 95 million TL.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city's touristic district Foça began to count down to gain a new terminal. The city center will reduce the traffic load, ESHOT buses and private minibuses in a larger and more regular area of ​​the passenger terminal that will allow the passenger to complete the 95 percent completed.

The terminal, which is built just below the windmills at the entrance of Foça in İzmir, will say 'Welcome' to the visitors with its sea view. In the district of Fevzipaşa, 13 is located in an area of ​​500 square meters and will be put into service with an investment of 5.5 million pounds. 40 pieces will take place in the terminal will bring mobility to the area.



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