How many passengers did Akçaray carry on the first paid day?

Akçaray Tram services, which were brought to the city by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, started to serve in Kocaeli on the previous day. Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General Ilhan Bayram accelerated the city transport Akçaray 13 thousand 562 ticketed passengers on the first day, said that the first day 14 thousand passengers were held target.


Akçaray flights that brought comfort to the transportation network of the Greater Municipality of Kocaeli 1 Until August 2017, the service was free of charge. 1 General Manager of the Metropolitan Municipality İlhan Bayram stated that Akçaray has been carrying 13 thousand 562 passengers from the first day as of August Tuesday. Ine According to the investment feasibility, the number of passengers of Akçaray Tram was determined as 14 thousand per day. Despite the summer months and the holiday season, we reached this figure on the first day of paid flights. This figure shows how much service is necessary and accurate to Kocaeli ”.


İlhan Bayram, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, underlined that the toll-free flights started on Tuesday, August and at the same time, the interval of the flights started to be made with 1 minute intervals. Our citizens can easily get to Akçaray and reach the point they want to go in the city comfortably. On certain days I travel with our people in Akçaray. I see the satisfaction of our citizens on these trips. The happiness of our people reveals how valuable the service is. ”

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