Everybody Falling on the Nostalgic Tram Road in Düzce!

The nostalgic tram line, which is currently under construction in Istanbul Street, is under the Proj Pedestrianization Project vatandaş. Recep Acar, falling as a foot of the tram on the road of the citizens of the citizens,, In my head, knee, I have bruises. Measures should be taken as soon as possible.

Istanbul Street citizens closed to traffic brings different problems. In front of the Düzce Municipality, the tram line works will be carried out in front of the Düzce Municipality on the pedestrian street. The fact that the concrete poured on the asphalt for the tramway road is about 10 centimeters higher than the ground causes the citizen to get stuck.

Take care!
Many complaints on the subject phone call to the oncurtv news center, the citizens came together with Recep Acar'la. Acar, telling the beginning of the problem for the problem should be taken as soon as possible stating said: u I wanted to pass at the tram road where I fell face to face with foot when I wanted to pass. In my head, in my knee, I have bruises. A lady fell in here this morning. They put ditches here. These are for the traffic that they do not measure for the citizen. Everyone falls and the municipality needs to take measures. They may pull the ribbon for the measure. Citizens do not realize that. Vat

Source : I www.oncurtv.co

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