New public transportation route to 9 rural neighborhoods in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has established a new public transportation route covering the 9 rural neighborhoods between the city center and the Bismil district. 4 bin 270 citizens will benefit from the route from which the transportation service starts.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to provide more comfortable and comfortable public transportation services. Metropolitan Municipality, upon request from the citizens of the town center and the Bismil district between the rural Güloluk, Karagöz, Kağıtlı, Cavuslu, Kamberli, Han Bazaar, Sparrows, Sweet Meadow and started to work in the neighborhoods of Baharlı. The work was carried out in the 9 rural neighborhood on the old Bismil road, where 580 thousand 4 citizens lived in the 270 households. Metropolitan Municipality, 9 where the road conditions are suitable to provide transportation services to citizens living in the neighborhood 65 km long new public transportation route determined.

4 bin 270 will benefit people

Public transportation on the new route 14 Starting from August, 4 bin 270 citizens will benefit from the new route, which is designed to provide access to hospitals, education, health and commercial needs of the citizens living in neighborhoods and city centers.

The route of the new line

Bismil Route (1 Vehicle): District Bus Station - Ali Pınar Bridge - Alay - Kuruçeşme - Settlement Houses - Kantar Junction - Mega Center - Facilities - Ninova - Seyrantepe - Kağıtlı - Gülolukü Karagöz - Çavuşlu - Kemberli - Han Bazaar - Sparrows - Dessert - Spicy - Bismil



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