CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar evaluated the tram

İzmit Akçaray tram ride to the CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar tram and said such studies should be done more.

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar opened the tram last month and evaluated the tram with the citizen. Akar Yahya, who listened to the demands of the citizen, went from Captain's stop to Seka Park stop. Akar citizen is generally satisfied with the tram by expressing the tram and such studies should be done more, he said.

Akar; Yadaki The shortest and longest tramway in the world. The completion will also take another 7 year. The shopkeeper was also aggrieved, hardship, shopkeepers. The municipality could take measures. These were not made. I hope other lines are made in the next process. In the summer, tram hours must be taken until late. . I was one of the most involved in the construction of this tram, because I have always dubbed it with project books. Bu

He said that he would get on the tram with Ceyhan Haydar Akar. Making an assessment on the subject, Akar said: “The tram is my tram. It was not made with Ceyhan's father's money or with his wife's bracelets. If it was made with his father's money, I would accept his invitation. We appreciate every value made to this city. "

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