Change in Urban Public Transport Lines in Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality has started a fast, comfortable, economical and integrated public transportation system, changing the route on some lines for a preferable public transportation system.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department of the Public Transportation Branch in the changes made by the transition to the transfer system due to some lines was canceled in some routes were changed to the route.

According to the written statement made by the Public Transport Branch, the routes were changed on the public transport line 15, 25 and 38, while the lines 14, 19 and 20 were canceled.

According to the change made in 15 2 2017 August XNUMX date and departure route as follows:

Line 15:

GİDİŞ: Young Osman Mah- Yeni Sanayi- R. Tayyip Erdoğan bul.-Trabzon Cad- Cahit Zarifoğlu Cad.- Azerbaijan bul.- Municipality- Ulu mosque- Şekerdere bul.- Adnan Menderes bul.- Ismet Karaokur bul.- Find Bahceci Hoca .. -Mevsim Sitesi -Yedikule Sitesi

RETURN: Yedikule Sitesi-Mevsim Sitesi -Bahceci Hoca bul.- Ismet Karaokur bul.- Adnan Menderes bul.- Sekerderecad.- Ulu Camii-Derepazari- Ali Sezai Efendi cad.-Sandalzade Bul. - Malik Ejder Cad ..- Kuddusibaba Bul.- Zübeyde Hanım Bul.-Müftülük Meydanı.- Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bul.- New Industrial End - Genç Osman Mah.

Line 25:

GOAL: Hacı Mustafa Mah-Prison Karşıyaka- Osmanbey mah.-Aksu Mahalles-Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa Cd. (Service Road) - Bus Station-Medal Junction- Azerbaijan bul.- Municipality- Ulu Mosque- Kaledibi PTT Branch.

RETURN: Kaledibi PTT Branch.- Derepazarı-Sandalzade Bul.- Municipality- Azerbaijan bul.-Madalali Kavş- Bus Station (turn left and opposite service road) - Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Cd. (Servis Yolu) - Aksu - Osmanbey Mah.- Karşıyaka mah.-Prison-Hacı Mustafa Mah.

Line 38:

GİDİŞ: Avşar Campus-Turgut Özal Bulv.-Karasu Boulevard-Bahçecihoca Bulvarı-İsmet Karaokur Bulvarı- Necip Fazıl Culture Center - Şekerdere - Ulu Mosque - Azerbaijan Boulevard - Municipality - Museum - Medal.

RETURN: Medalie Intersection - Museum - Municipality - Azerbaijan Boulevard - Ulu Camii - Şekerdere - Necip Fazil Culture Center - Ismet Karaokur Boulevard - Bahcecihoca Boulevard - Karasu Boulevard - Turgut Ozal Bulv. - Avsar Campus

On the other hand, according to the transfer system 2 2017 45 date to be included in the system to be included in the new route on line XNUMX numbered.

According to this arrangement, the route of line 45 is as follows:

Arrival: Güneşevler for-Vezir Hoca Bul. -Doğukent iç- Şeyh Şamil Cad.- Sakarya Cad.- Fetih Bul.- Şeyhadil Cad.- Yeni Hükümet Cad.- Azerbaijan Bul.-Ulucamii -Kaledibi PTT Building

RETURN: KaledibiPtt -Derepazarı-Malik Ejder Caddesi-Kuddusibaba Bul.- Zübeyde Hanım Cad.- Eski Itfaiye- Sakarya Cad.- Şeyh Şamil Cad.- Vezir Hoca Bul.

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