Buyukderbent Station is Waiting for Commuter Train

derbent station emergency postponed again
derbent station emergency postponed again

Adapazarı Haydarpaşa between the Island Express, High Speed ​​Train work due to more than 2 years had a break. The commuter train started its flights again, but did not stop at every stop. The biggest grievance experienced in Büyükderbent Station. The age-old station suddenly became history. Some time ago, the number of Stations of the Island Express was increased, and now it stops in Hereke, Körfez and Derince. Soon, these stops will be added to Büyükderbent, which has been waiting for years for the commuter train.


Büyükderbent Station, within the boundaries of Kartepe district, is a historical garage since the end of 1800s, where the Haydarpaşa-Baghdad Railway Line was opened. Büyükderbent Station, which has been serving for more than a hundred years, has always stopped the commuter train and postal trains between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa; take passengers and lowered passengers. For many years, workers from Seka and other factories went and took their train from this station. This station was very important for all the towns in Kartepe.


Büyükderbent Station, which has been disabled as many other small stations as the High Speed ​​Train starts to work, is now preparing to return to its old days. Soon Adapazarı Express will stop at Derbent. Still, in some parts of the perpendicular high-perches are shaved, aligned. Ramazan Güneş Hallaç, Head of Büyükderbent said, Hal We have been waiting for this day for years. We look forward to the day when Adapazarı Express will stop at our station and take passengers. Büyükderbent, old trains will stop again with the stop again, "he says.

MUHTAR- Head of Büyükderbent Ramazan Güneş Hallaç says that they have been waiting for the train for years and they are very excited.

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