Terminal description from Bursa Metropolitan

The claim of public loss arising from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transfer of Bus Terminal to Burulaş was reflected to the Court of Accounts and the legal process has not been completed yet. The appeal process will be initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality.

On the other hand, the transfer of the Bus Terminal operation to Burulaş was realized in full compliance with the laws and regulations. In the 5216 article of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 26; Üyük… ..The Metropolitan Municipality may transfer the transportation services to the companies in which the municipality or its affiliates share more than 50% and the companies that are more than 50% of these companies, without being subject to the provisions of the State Procurement Law no. 2886. it is called.

In this article, while the companies mentioned in the article are more than% 50 of the Metropolitan Municipality for the transfer, it should not be forgotten that Burulaş is a transportation company belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality with the capital of 100.
Metropolitan Municipality, which is a public institution, handing over an operation to a company that is all of its own is a step taken in consideration of public interest rather than public loss. In this application, it is not possible to transfer public resources to private individuals and institutions or to provide rent.

Following the completion of the appeal process and the end of the legal process, the necessary action will be taken.



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