British government calls for investment in high-speed train

Britain's former Finance Minister, George Osborne, called on the British government to invest in a new high-speed line that will connect the cities of Liverpool and Hull.

Osborne, who served as the Ministry of Finance of the Conservative Party government between 2010 and 2016 in the UK, stated in his article for The Financial Times newspaper that rail transportation investments should be increased in order to accelerate the northern provinces development project called the "Northern Power Plant".

Stating that the high-speed train line investment that will connect Liverpool and Hull cities will not be cheap, Osborne said that the "HS2" high-speed train project, which will be divided into two different directions towards Manchester and Leeds, should be developed after connecting London and Birmingham.

Stating that the “HS2” high speed train project should be expanded with 4 main ports, Osborne said that a new high speed line that will connect the cities of Liverpool and Hull could cost about 7 billion pounds.

George Osborne argued that the North Plant project he developed for development of the northern provinces at the time when he was in office was not yet fully supported by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Stating that the project is still exciting, Osborne said: “At the moment, this idea is not only related to the political career of a prime minister or finance minister. The project is in the middle and breathing. ” used expressions.

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