Gesture to Passengers from Kocaeli Metropolitan

24 small Jest Buses, commissioned by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in recent weeks, are on the way of the city. Small and powerful structure, especially in the narrow streets where large buses can not enter the tiny Jestler, passengers are delivered to their homes. Yenidoğan, Serdar and Arızlı neighborhoods serving the small Jestler received the admiration of the citizens.


Gıyer District Headman, expressed his views on buses, Ruhan Menteş said, an I thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for providing these services. We are very pleased with the transportation services. These vehicles were given to us for transportation to our neighborhood. Because it is small, there is no downtime. Big buses sometimes had difficulty on the side streets. The comfort of the vehicles is also nice. Since we are air conditioned, we do not experience any problems in the journey. K


Yenidoğan District Headman Ayhan Karayel said, han We are very happy with the new vehicles. Our vehicles are air conditioned. Citizens already prefer municipal buses. There is no problem waiting on the road, it moves according to the time. He doesn't wait in the stops. Citizen satisfied with the city buses. New buses are very practical. Landing is easy for boarding passes. We are pleased with all the services made, Yap he said. İzzet Şirinoğlu, one of the newborn inhabitants, said that the neighborhood roads were narrow and better transportation was provided by Gest buses.


There are 5.5 meters with the length of 6.5. 17 stands for 3 standing and there is a slope traction support system. Low-based vehicles also include disabled ramp.


The desired vehicles were chosen in order to ensure the continuity of transportation service in narrow streets or streets for large buses in size. In this context, the vehicles of the Governorate - Erenler - Kent housing - Üçyol, Kulfallı - Governorate, Arızlı - Governorate, Yenidoğan - Children's Hospital, Yeniköy - Gölcük, Summer - Gölcük, İhsaniye - İzmit, Saraylı - Gölcük State Hospital, Gölcük Vocational School - Gölcük lines between the service giving. On these vehicles so far moved about 50 thousand people.


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