Bayramda Ticaret will not hang at the border!

Sarp Intermodal Chairman of the Board of Directors Onur Talay stated that the upcoming holiday holiday will not be installed on the border and said that companies will focus on intermodal transportation.

While the summer density in the highways and customs gates continued, the addition of a holiday holiday led many companies that did not want to delay their export transportation to intermodal transportation.

Load multiple transport model by using relevant point to reach the intermodal transport is a 30-year history in Europe, but steep intermodal Chairman said used effectively for several years in Turkey Onur Talay, "with this period in the highway to go to Turkey from European countries a week he said.

Intermodal the output from Turkey transportation freight Ro-Ro vessels or what they did with the railroad, then the rail or Talay stating that they reach the destination by road, the feast has said that there is a 10 percent increase in bookings transportation together with a description as 20 days holiday.

Indicating that intermodal transportation is more preferred especially during holiday periods, Onur Talay underlined that intermodal transportation will be the most preferred transportation model in the coming years due to being more economical and more environmentally friendly than standard road transportation.



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