Başkentray Works divided the neighborhood into two

In Mamak Demirlibahçe, the bridge bridge that was demolished for the Başkentray project was closed to the traffic of the residents after the renovation and the reaction of the residents took place. Neighborhood, the construction of the bridge is not finished on the date defended, he argued.

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) by BAŞKENTRAY initiated under the project, Mamak Demirlibahçe railway bridge in the neighborhood, we have to be renewed in September fell late. Residents who argued that the work was not completed on the promised date, leri We took the promise that 4 will be rebuilt months ago. We have to travel to the school from other neighborhoods to reach the hospital and the workplaces. Eye The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications with the Ministry of Transport, TCDD to apply for the bridge, indicating that Muhammad Seray Gunyuz Demirlibahce, "will be opened only as a pedestrian crossing," they say. The neighborhood is divided in two, everyone is a victim. Mah Günyüz, who started a petition campaign to pass vehicles through the bridge, said:


. Since we could not use the bridge, we requested an alternative vehicle route. The new road they pass through another neighborhood and the distance is increasing. There are many elderly and school-age children in the region. We were using this bridge to reach the school and health center. We've been a victim since it collapsed. 4 has informed me that it will be reinstated months ago. Months passed, a nail did not crash. There was a significant traffic congestion in the region. When schools open, the traffic will get even worse. If there is a fire, the fire brigade will not pass, the hospital will be delayed. 'The distance and slope does not save' response to our request to open the bridge to the vehicle traffic. We want a bridge where pedestrians and vehicles can pass as before. Isi

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