Transportation gesture from the president to the supporters of Kayserispor

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayserispor facilities during his visit to the team thanked the owner of the team. Mayor Steel, Kayserispor-Osmanlıspor match will be played at 21.45 hours, the rail system will work for two hours more than normal, he said.

The managers of the city Kayserispor'u, the Ottomans before the match visited. Governor Suleyman Whip, Mayor Mustafa Celik and other managers in the visit made with the attendance, Kayserispor managers and football players were also present and a family atmosphere occurred.

Governor Süleyman Kamçı stated that they expect significant successes from Kayserispor this season and put the first five as targets. Player and supporters of the most gentleman who want to be a team representing the Governor Kamçı, footballers and technical committee wished success.


Mayor Mustafa Celik, in his speech, said they had forgotten last year and looked into the future. Stating that a very strong team was established, President Steel, al Hopefully this year we will come to the place we deserve. I would like to thank all the management dynamics in the city for their support; but our real thanks to the party. Last week they took their place in the stands and they were next to this team. Combined sales also show this. If you own the city team, we come to the place we deserve. Şehir Late hours of the match due to the late hours of the opening of the rail system working in the event that expresses the President Steel, the match day rail system will work more than two hours, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Steel, Technical Director Marius eniumudica'ın expressed upon the construction of the remaining building facility by mentioning the construction of the new facilities as the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality said they had undertaken and will deliver the facilities as soon as possible to complete the skin, he said.

Kayserispor President Erol Bedir also thanked the support of the city and its supporters. Last week 17 bin 500 audience in the first two weeks in the league after the fourth audience in the last match in Kayseri, indicating that they play Bedir, the combined sales of 11 bin 800'e reached the most combined and the fifth team to sell the case, he said.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik watched the team training with the Governor Süleyman Kamçı and other managers in Kaysersipor facilities and visited the new facility of Kayserspor under construction.



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