Minister Arslan: We Make More Savings Through Investment in the Year

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, 06 August 2017 participated in a television program on the Ministry's projects and made important statements about the agenda.

Monetary Provision of Time Saving in Transportation in a Year 10.5 Billion TL

Minister Arslan emphasized that they give importance to the environment in the projects carried out and they have won awards from the world as in the Eurasia Tunnel. 283 million hours of time savings a year. Considering that time is money, the monetary value of this is 10.5 billion liras. Zaman

We are sensitive to the environment in every project

Minister Arslan also stated that with these investments, 6 million 1 thousand tons of 600 annually has been saved with 3 billion tons and 260 million 17 thousand tons of emission has been reduced. We save a total of XNUMX billion pounds per year. As much as the annual investment amount, we save as much as the money we spend on these roads every year. It is our responsibility to facilitate the present life of our people. It is our responsibility to take our past culture and carry it together to the future, and it is our responsibility to leave a better future for future generations. At this point, we are sensitive to the environment in every project. Bu

Haydarpaşa 3 watches from Ankara, Halkalı 3.5 hours

The continued confidence in Turkey's economy and in financial difficulties Arslan Minister pointed out that the project, Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train of the date on which summarize the question of the future of the European continent found the following statement: "Marmaray Project in Gebze Halkalı suburban line is being brought to the subway standard. There's another third line. This line runs high-speed trains and freight trains at night. At the end of 2018, high-speed trains moving from Ankara YHT station to the needs of the passengers at the end of 3 HalkalıIt will arrive at 3.5 every hour. '

Sivas-Istanbul 2018 End 5 Hours

Arslan said that the Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway line, which is under construction, is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2018. Halkalı's indication that it will fall to 5.5 hours.

Halkalı - Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project Will Be Tender This Year

Halkalı - The Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project will be held this year.

400-500 YHT is Preferred for Travels Under Mileage

Arslan noted that high-speed trains were competing with airplanes and that competition would be between them. Dikkat Railway liberalized The prices will reach a certain balance according to the supply / demand balance. High-speed trains and high-speed trains are preferred for trips under the 400-500 kilometer. 15 of passengers on the journey between Ankara and Istanbul prefers YHT, we want to bring it to 40. These rates have reached to 78 in Eskişehir and to 66 in Konya. “He said.

Istanbul Third Airport will be integrated with other urban rail systems and HRC

According to the three shifts, 30 thousand people work on the 10 billion Euro Airport in Istanbul. 200 said the first part, which will serve million passengers, will be opened on 60 October 2018. The transportation to the third airport will be very easy and fast, Arslan said.

Three Tiers Istanbul Tunnel to Serve Both Trains and Cars

Arslan said that the number of 2.4 million Istanbulis between the continents of Anatolia and Europe is going to reach 2023 million in 4. Un We have another rail system operation except Marmaray. Three-story Istanbul Tunnel. 31 is a system, starting from Incirli and reaching to Sogutlucesme. This system will be integrated with Istanbul's 10 rail system. On this day, 6.5 means to move million passengers by integrating it with the rail system. We are planning to finish the drillings this year and to finish next year and finish it in four years. The three-storey tunnel will serve both trains and cars. Üç

100 Bin Transportation Family Thank You

With the exception of Istanbul, where approximately 10 percent of the country's population lives, Istanbul has highlighted the importance of building high-speed rail lines, bridges, tunnels, Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railroads in all corners of Anatolia, saying: yaş With these investments, regional differences are decreasing. Every corner of Anatolia is becoming more livable. I've been a transporter for forty years. Turkey, an important corridor between two continents, logistics centers. We are grateful to Mr. President, Prime Minister and our Governments for believing this and for making this right. We're on their way. In addition, I'm only one member of the 25 bin transportation family, more than a thousand 100 thousand people who work in this work, team spirit, working with the entire transport family would like to thank. "

700 New Employee Attends to the Railway

Arslan stating that the railways are growing, 2017 700 in the new colleague will participate in this institution, PTT and the staff will be taken to the highway, he said.

National e-mail system will be mandatory in all public institutions

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan emphasized that the 81 of the 76 province is interconnected by the divided roads and also the use of ile National E-mail System Ars in all public institutions. he said.




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