Atatürk Airport terminals will be fair area

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 3. After the airport, Atatürk Airport will be built as a fairground, will never be opened zoning, shopping center and housing area, he said.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Istanbula inşa edilen üçüncü havalimanın hizmete girmesinin ardından Atatürk Havalimanındaki çok sayıda terminalin fuar merkezleri olarak TürkiyeStating that they want to serve the company, he said, “The negotiations and consultations with our Metropolitan Municipality in this direction are not possible in any way to be developed and built shopping malls or residences. Everyone knows the sensitivity of our President to Istanbul, so there is no will to hesitate about this place as an area that will breathe Istanbul. ” said.

Arslan answered questions about the agenda of the CNN Türk live broadcast and made important statements.

After asking what would be the status of Ataturk Airport when the third airport in Istanbul was put into operation, Arslan said that it would be impossible for two airports to serve in the same month because they would use the same flight corridors, while the other would not be needed when an airport was available to serve 200 million passengers.

Minister Arslan, said:

“I have said before; Our conversations with our Mr. President and our Prime Minister are definitely not open to a settlement, this is very important, our citizens care about it. It is arranged as a place to breathe in Istanbul in order not to open to construction in any way, and it continues as a place where small planes and jets can fly and training planes can land. But more importantly, we have many terminals, we want these terminals to serve our country especially as fair centers. Because we know that; Fair centers that sustain the economy in many countries and many big cities of the world, if you make worldwide fairs, they provide very serious input to the country economically. People come because of the fair organization, you get income; this is the first one. Secondly; All the tradesmen who come there are meeting with the potential or current tradesmen in your country face to face, establishing commercial connections, making investments, creating an environment that can market the products from here to the world. Therefore, we anticipate that it will serve as an exhibition center, existing buildings, which will create an added value for our country; it is useful to state this clearly. ”

"How much money is the most winning country in the world conference and exhibition, Germany, Turkey also opened to competition in this area and here you large, it is not to establish an exhibition center that can compete with them? But there will not be a building with shopping malls and residences. do I understand correctly? ” Arslan asked, “Definitely, the instructions of our President and our Prime Minister are in this direction and our work is in this direction. Negotiations and consultations with our Metropolitan Municipality are also not possible to be built in any way and to build shopping centers or residences. Everyone knows the sensitivity of our President to Istanbul, so there is no will to hesitate about this place as an area that will breathe Istanbul. ” gave the answer.

“(Wikipedia) We said, 'Please remove false information showing the support of DAESH'”

Minister Arslan, upon asking for the evaluations of Wikipedia's access barrier by reminding, made the following assessment:

“Unfortunately, there were so many publications about our country that could misrepresent our country in the world and cause false perceptions that we said, 'Please remove them, please correct them'. In fact, you know, they can fix them banned in Turkey and editor enter editors would have this chance to fix the incorrect information. As such, we said to them, 'Please don't do this.' Now we continue our conversation, we also get clear, that we want to get benefit from this service of our people and we call them persistently, 'Turkey will introduce false, the Great Leader, including Ataturk, especially our religious sensitivity and deaş'l death at the expense of martyrs Please remove the wrong information that shows a country that struggles so much at the cost of giving it as the supporter of DAESH, please remove it. 'Please correct this type of incorrect information.' Of course, there are benefits, of course, our people have habits, our people benefit from this. We still continue these negotiations. We don't have a banned mindset, we just say, fix the mistake and continue. ”

Ahmet Arslan underlined that they have done a very serious study on Kanal Istanbul and said, “We have made our tender project tender, which will prepare the file for the tender regarding further elaboration of this study, conducting scientific studies, drilling, geotechnics and geophysical studies. They have now completed our survey tender project tender and determined the author, regarding our work that will work on all details, including additional drilling, and thus clarify the route transition. Kanal Istanbul will of course be held, there is no doubt about it. ” made the explanation.

“National e-mail will be completed by the end of 2018”

While answering a question about the national e-mail system, Arslan said that they have developed a completely national and local e-mail system. Arslan continued as follows:

“By completing the domestic and national e-mail system until the end of 2018, we will ensure that all public institutions and organizations use this national and domestic e-mail system. Not only public institutions, but of course our people will be able to use it, but we will make it mandatory in public institutions. So much of our knowledge escaping from a reliable and much more safely in Turkey in the target market of destination, will have access to the target person. In addition, very serious money is paid from this, and in this sense, we will achieve very serious savings. I think this will be a very important job for our country in this sector. ”

Arslan, the system will be found by explaining a name later, such as a questionnaire or competition, such as a procedure can be followed, but the important thing is that such a function has been carried out in the country and the information inside the safe way to stay outside said. Minister Arslan, said:

“After all, the companies that do this job have to provide a certain level of security so that people can choose it, and those extensions. However, we are 100 percent sure that we cannot say that information is not going elsewhere. For this reason, a platform where the information travels inside without going outside is very important, I hope we will provide it. No doubt about that. Let me tell you why; Especially in the field of cyber security, very important and very serious attacks have been taking place. If you compare with the world, Turkey has very serious progress in this regard. It is not affected by cyber security at all or it is affected by a little. We do Turkish engineers, we carry out these operations both in the public and private sectors, and we look at this work as a complement to each other. It is not only wrong to leave it to the public, nor just to leave it to the private sector. But the important thing is to gather these abilities in a pot and draw a very important conclusion from here, we have made great progress in this regard, and we continue to get it. ”

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