Artvin's Prestige Project Finishing Touches on the Ropeway

Tender studies for the 3 station between the Çoruh University Seyitler Campus and Çarşı Quarter Efkar Hill, which are among the election projects of Artvin Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe, have started.

Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe stated that the first stage works of Teleferik, which will make a significant contribution to the tourism of Artvin and which will open a new era in urban transportation, said that the tender will be made in October.

President Kocatepe stated that they planned a tender with the invitation method in order to be a special project and said that the tender would be made over the Special Administration. Kocatepe; I The first stage of the 3 station will be formed on the cable car line First station in front of our municipality efkar hill where necessary necessary expropriation station location was prepared. Our second station will be near the location of the police control center at the bridge. Our third station will be located near the student residence in Çoruh University Seyitler Campus. 1 and 3 station between the average 8 minute we sent our specifications to companies invited to the atmosphere. Recently, one of these companies came to Artvin and took preliminary investigations by taking aerial images in the area where the project will be implemented. They said they would do their own work and participate in the tender in October. After the delivery of the place, 12 has the expiration period within months. Hopefully, we will be able to reach the 2018 cable car in November İn.

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